Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mmmm bacon....

I have just received half a pig from my in laws. I am pretty excited about the possibilities of what can be done with it. The first experiment will be home cured bacon. I have the pork belly ready to go and saw a great recipe at Curious Kai Curious Kai. I plan to show the process as I go and am hopeful of a great and tasty outcome. The second bash at this pig will be tomorrow nights roast. It is a 6 hour process that I found on the Jamie Oliver website again I will take some photos as I go. I often find it interesting to see how real life cooking compare with what you see from the cook books.

In the meantime it is beer o'clock and I am looking forward to the rugby tonight. Hopefully this will be a good game and the Irish will give us a good run for our money.

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